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Just A Teenage Life

Just A Teenage Life

Well I blog about just about anything :p ....I got some stuff about Love,Funny things,Meaningful,Sports,especially the Lakers and the Raiders....and I even blog some flat out stupid things :p n a whoooole bunch of sh*t that goes on in my head xD soooooooo Enjoy :D

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I don’t have a picture of just  me n my siblings on my phone but here is one of me n family:) I love them all so much,idk what I would do without them always by my side. #NationalSiblingDay #Family
Sneak peak at the coloring I added to my #Nimitz piece #Graffiti #Colors #Art #Sharpie
I can’t really get a good picture of the whole thing, but this is another piece I am going to put in the senior art show #Graffiti #Art #Paint #Sharpie

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Ras Mike ICK - Graffiti Essentials Feature - Urban Artefacts - 2014 - Montreal, Canada
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my blog will make you horny ;)



in love

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this is soooooooooo beautiful

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